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Cool Product: Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors

The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen – 

screen protector

Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Today’s Cool Site of the Day is another cool find from The Grommet:
The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

For Apple iPhones, iPads and other devices, the Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector protects your screen from scratches and drops (maximizes your resale value) and has 99.99% clarity and touchscreen accuracy. According to Tech Armor:

“DID YOU KNOW – even with Apple Care, it’s still going to cost $49 to replace a broken screen on your iPhone! Without Apple Care, you will pay about $150! FOR A FRACTION OF THAT PRICE – Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector will absorb almost any impact by sacrificing itself for your iPhone’s retina screen!”


If enough of you share (like) AND comment on this page, there’s a good chance that Tech Armor will send me a few screen protectors to giveaway to you, my loyal readers.

So, please, share away!

Finally, I’m giving away 3 Cool Site of the Day baseball hats (at random) to those of you who share (‘like’) this post on Facebook (see link below).

If you need one of these screen protectors right away (and, who doesn’t?) visit The Grommet and search ‘screen protector’ or visit Tech Armor directly.



P.S. Here’s the diagram that my son drew…he was really annoyed by the way the product was presented on the Tech Armor web site: “The idea has so much potential, but the website does not display how cool it is; it should look like the following (the website layout is way too confusing).”

tech armor screen protectors


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