I'm finally going to replace myself

I hope you’re having as good a summer as I am… I’m definitely in recharge mode which means:

a) fewer hours behind a computer screen

b) a lot of reading and implementing new web development and online marketing tools

c) preparing for BIG things in September.

Two things in particular are going to rock my world (and, if you copy my actions, YOURS).

First, after teaching web development and online marketing at a technology camp this summer,  I’ve been busy preparing an online course to aid and inspire kids to build their own websites and blogs.  It is the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken and one which I am fully passionate about (there will be a great affiliate opportunity for you once launched).

Second, and most importantly, thanks to John Jonas (the programmer behind my favorite keyword research tool, Keywordtopia) I am finally committed to outsourcing as much work as possible.  In fact, of the 123 tasks on my current ToDo list (using the very cool Toodledo), I have already assigned 57 of those tasks to be outsourced thanks to John’s fantabulously great new program, ReplaceMyself.

Now, I realize that this post may not apply to everyone but for those of you who have come to the very smart realization that you shouldn’t be the one implementing all of your day-to-day tasks ReplaceMyself is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

All I ask is that you listen to the FREE audio on the ReplaceMyself site. (I followed John’s advice and in just one day I’m in the enviable position of choosing from a stack of reputable candidates from overseas…should’ve been done years ago!)

What you’ll find amazing is that you can start doing this in less than 30 minutes…if you do exactly what John Jonas shares with you.

Assuming enough of you show interest in getting started with outsourcing, I will followup with a video demo of my own ReplaceMyself account PLUS I’ll setup an exclusive interview with John Jonas–a true master of outsourcing!



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