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Popups work…especially this one.

DANGER: If You Still Use General-Purpose PopUp Scripts NOT Made For Use With Mailing Lists, You Are Losing Big Traffic and Big Money!

We all know how important building an opt-in list is to your success online. The majority of visitors to your sales letter don’t purchase on their first visit, so you are losing them forever.

Popups to the rescue!

A popup is a smaller window that appears on a sales page where you convince a visitor to opt-in to your newsletter so you can contact them later with a special offer. If they buy from your sales page right away, great! If not, you can remind them to come back at a later date.

* Problem: Popups and newsletter forms on sales pages decrease conversion rates. To fix the situation, Robert Plank has invented the ActionPopUp.

ActionPopUps appear when your visitor is about to leave your site using special mouse-tracking technology. From now on your popups won’t distract the user from your page, they’ll only appear to bring them back when they are about to leave.  Action Popup Is The First And Only Exit-Popover Script Designed For Opt-In Forms!

* The popup is unblockable since it uses HTML layers instead of actual pop-up windows. *

A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup to prevent them from being distracted by what you have underneath… and eager to fill out the popup form so they can get back to what they weredoing! * Use any autoresponder code you want – even Aweber! *

This script runs 100% on YOUR SERVER so you aren’t dependent on any other sites, plus you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. Check it out here:



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