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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Tools

For the 6% of you on my mailing list who are as obsessed with PPC as I am, I open up my war chest to you:

For all my PPC campaigns (either for affiliate marketing or Cool Site of the Day) I utilize several advanced keyword research, landing page optimization and PPC campaign creation tools.  The ESSENTIAL ones are…..

  • SpeedPPC (hands down, the most useful, time saving, campaign cruncher on the planet. Great product from my friends downunder!)
  • LPGen (this incredible landing page optimizer is truly a secret weapon…sometimes I think I should keep this one under wraps.  Oh well, you win.)
  • Keywordtopia (a perfectly great web app for keyword research. Always start with Google’s free Keyword Tool then hit Keywordtopia, for sure.)
  • Wordze (another excellent tool for keyword research. Use it FREE on Friday nights)
  • Keycompete (OK, this one is truly nasty; if you simply have no idea what keywords to bid on, ‘steal’ them from your competitors)

Further, I use the following keyword tracking tools (What!? You’re not tracking your keywords? Don’t tell anyone.):

  • StatsJunky (my current favorite. AWESOME!  Read my complete review here.)
  • Tracking202 (simple to setup and the price is right–free version–but StatsJunky is a bit more user friendly)
  • Xtreme Conversions (good support, low price point but, honestly, I just don’t have the time to fully explore at the present time)

Now, go build, optimize, and make money!


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