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A heartbreaking photo is making its way around the web. The picture shows a Houston police officer comforting his dying patrol horse.  The four-year-old horse, named Charlotte, was patrolling Downtown Houston on Thursday with her rider Officer D. Herrejon.  She was spooked, bucked the officer and ran into the street where she was hit by a truck. Officer Herrejon got down on the floor and wrapped his arms around Charlotte during her final moments. She later died.

dying horse houston policeSource: Yahoo News

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Here is the performance of “I’ve Got a Crush on You” by Alicia Keys from the Frank Sinatra tribute show on CBS that everyone is talking about. Clearly the standout performance of the night…and the most viewed video on Cool Site of the Day last week.

Alicia Keys – I’ve Got a Crush On You – Sinatra…

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In this breathtaking talk, world champion freediver Guillaume Néry takes us with him into the ocean’s depths. Meter by meter, he explains the physical and emotional impact of water pressure, silence and holding your breath. His eloquent description of the underwater experience reveals the hidden poetry of freediving.

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