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You know who Rich Schefren is, right?

A few years ago, he came storming onto the scene with a landmark document called the Internet Business Manifesto. And it shook the internet marketing community to the core.

Just like that, Rich became an instant overnight sensation. Top names in the IM world heralded him as their coach (prompting the nickname “guru to the gurus”) and revealed that his strategies had generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.

But that was 2 years ago–practically a lifetime in our business. What we really want to know is, what has he done for them LATELY?

Are those strategies and tactics still legit?

Has the Internet business model changed completely?

What’s the future hold? Are we heading towards record profits…or record disaster?

Well, get ready. Because on Monday the 8th, Rich Schefren is going to shake the internet marketing world once again.

And you’re invited.


In this special call, Rich will gather some of his most famous students for a “family reunion” of sorts, I’m talking TOP GURUs, to discuss the current state of our business…and what’s to come.

He’s still trying to whittle the guest list down (since Rich’s coaching clients read like a who’s who of online marketing), but some of his more high-profile students include:

  • Mike Filsaime
  • Joel Comm
  • Jim Edwards
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Jeff Walker
  • Brad Fallon
  • John Carlton
  • Jeff Walker

And MANY more.

During the call, a handful of these big-time gurus will be revealing which of Rich’s breakthrough strategies still work today–and which ones don’t.

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to look into Rich’s crystal ball and take a peek at what he sees for the future of your business.

Talk about a MASSIVE value in itself…


If you want to see your internet profits go blasting through the roof (just like so many others have with Rich’s teachings) this is one call you simply cannot miss.

Reserve your spot NOW.


I’ll see you there…


P.S. If you’re new to the business and you’re not familiar with Rich, that’s okay…

Because during the call, he’ll feature a special link where you can instantly download his groundbreaking Internet Business Manifesto and see what all the fuss is about.

This is the same document that changed the way we do business forever…and helped make hundreds of people into multi-millionaires.

Are you next?


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