MyAKA: Add A Second Alias Number To Hide Your Real Mobile Number

Our mobile number is an extension of us. Anyone can find us, chat with us, and call us. It is part of our identity. However, there are times when we just want to close off the pipe and protect our mobile number. MyAKA is a service that does just that  – giving users a second phone number or an alias, that works exactly like any mobile number while hiding yours.

hide your real number

Once you have signed up for the service, MyAKA smartly assigns a mobile number that is in the same area code as your real number. This way, your contacts won’t know if you are using your real number or not. People can then call or text your second number and it will go straight to your phone. Once you add a contact, MyAKA will assign a unique ID that matches the contacts’ number so you can call and SMS your contacts through MyAKA.

MyAKA also routes your mobile plan to allow messaging and calls to your phone so that you won’t have to carry a second device.

Having a second number also unlocks features offered by MyAKA such as Pause for your MyAKA number, instant blocking, view call history, view usage, and view number list online.

MyAKA proposes that you put your trust in them in to ensure your real number is hidden from others. It is easy to reveal our mobile number – every time we sign up for a membership, talk to a business contact, or complete transactions, we always end up giving out our number. With MyAKA you are protected from accidentally providing your number to people you do not know and go on with your life worry-free about your personal information.

MyAKA offers a range of prices from the minimal 100 text plan up to 500 call and SMS plans.


  • Protect your real number by getting an alias.
  • Call and text from your alias number seamlessly.
  • Add contacts that you want to converse through MyAKA.
  • Easy setup.
  • Check call info, usage history, and MyAKA contacts online
  • Pricing available in different text and call plans.

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