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My Favorite Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks

There are a bazillion affiliate networks from which to choose.  But how do you decide which affiliate network is right for you? Personally, I’m active with about 30 networks and/or merchants. Some may provide offers for me to promote that others don’t.  Some may have an interface that I find easy to use.  Others may have affiliate managers that I respect and enjoy working with.

This is my ‘A’ list of networks and/or merchants.  You could spend your entire life working with just these companies and make yourself a pretty penny.

I’ll be updating this list regularly so stay tuned…and join in!

Neverblue Ads

Offers on Network: 370+
Payment Method:
Check  Payment Terms: $50 Minimum, Net 30
Quick Review:
NeverBlue Ads became one of my favorites after I saw how well they treated Zac Johnson‘s referrals (his referrals have earned over $400,000.  I expect to see my Cool Site of the Day referrals do as well.
Sign Up to NeverBlue Ads

Market Leverage

Offers on Network: 300+
Payment Method: Check, Paypal, Wire  Payment Terms: No Minimum, Net 15
Quick Review: Market Leverage is all about treating the Affiliate like a king and I have sensed that approach with every one of their Publisher Managers. Market Leverage has a lot of offers to choose from including prepop offers (more on that later).  When you sign up, ask for my Publisher Manager, Chris C. (not pushy and very knowledgable).
– Sign Up to Market Leverage


Offers on Network: 130+  Network
Payment Method: Check, Wire Transfer  Payment Terms: $25 Minimum, Net 10
Quick Review: Advaliant is one of the faster and upcoming affiliate networks focused on high end offers such as dieting and weight loss trial offers. Many of these offers only require the user to pay a small shipping fee, and you earn a $20+ commission.
– Sign Up to Advaliant

Commission River

Offers on Network: niche
Payment Method: Check, Wire Transfer
Quick Review: Commission River is an outstanding network focusing on telecom products and more (long distance phone, mobile, calling cards, credit cards, cable TV, etc).  I marketed a handful of products for them several years ago and I’m still getting residual commissions.  Sweet.  You can do really well with this network if you focus on the target market. Also, the guy who steers this ship, Patrick Oborn, knows a lot about Internet marketing and SEO and he makes sure his Agents (Affiliates) benefit from everything he knows.
– Sign Up to Commission River


Offers on Network: niche
Payment Method: Check, Wire Transfer
Quick Review: Another niche network.  As you can guess, DentalPlans is an aggregator of discount dental plans from all over the country.  They pay a hefty commission of $55 for every customer you generate.  Affiliate support is outstanding and, if you show that you can generate traffic, they’ll build out customized landing pages for you.  Perfect offer if you have a solid list of general consumers or are willing to drive paid search traffic.
– Sign Up to DentalPlans


Offers on Network: niche
Payment Method: Check, Wire Transfer
Quick Review: Another strong niche network, MarketHealth’s specialty is Health & Beauty products (think weight loss, skin care, men’s and women’s products).  I have had some fantastic success with this network so if you think you can attract leads, you definitely want to play with this boutique network.  Affiliate support: EXCELLENT.
– Sign Up to MarketHealth

Reefer Poker

Offers on Network: card games
Payment Method: Check, Wire Transfer
Quick Review: Name says it all.  Listen, poker is HUGE and poker affiliate programs are HUGE. But which one to affiliate with?  Your search is over; I spent 2 hours on the phone with these guys.  They are upstanding businessmen who saw a niche (bet you didn’t know the Poker championship tables are filled with potheads).

Promotions for affiliates include cash, trips to Jamaica and Amsterdam, and the chance to host and participate in great tournaments.
– Sign Up via ReeferPartners


Offers on Network: 150+
Payment Method: Check, Paypal, Direct Deposit  Payment Terms: $25 Minimum, Every 2 Weeks
Quick Review: Ranked by INC. Magazine 500 three years in a row, PepperJam and their owner, Kris Jones,  made quite a splash in the affiliate marketing world when they released their own affiliate network about a year ago. PepperJam Network is known to have a lot of offers that you won’t find on other networks and I’ve found their Affiliate Support team to be very responsive.
– Sign Up to PepperJam Network

This is an evolving list that will give you a great start in Affiliate Marketing.  I’ll be adding more affiliate networks and hands-on reviews and video tutorials.

If you would like to have your company featured on this page, please contact me.

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  • Michael
    April 30, 2011

    I will sign up to dental plans. I like the idea of earning as well as helping other people solve their oral problems. dental plans coupon

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