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“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert.” - Australian psychiatrist W. Béran Wolfe

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A friend from Tucson emailed me this morning:

“Keith Olbermann was right on the money with that commentary about violence in America. I’m still having trouble fighting back anger learning the Tucson shooter two months ago was able to buy a semi-automatic….there had to have been disregard for appropriate background checks….

BTW, comparing the two county sherriffs in Maricopa (Arpaio) and Pima (Dupnik) counties will explain an essential difference between Tucson and Phoenix—Arizona’s no monolith….

But much more troubling spiritually is looking at the face of the innocent 9-year old girl killed, Christina. I’m having difficulty coming to terms with her loss, the most. One upside to gun rights: maybe members of the Westboro Baptist church planning to come from Topeka to  “protest” at or near her funeral may get what’s coming to them from ordinary sensible citizens, who just won’t stand for this kind of hate speech any longer…”

Mike Corso

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  1. Sorry, but Keith Olberman is the MOST VITROLIC person on TV, and he should be Repudiated!

    He is the most Left Winged Nut on TV today.

  2. This is nonsense. The killer was a schizophrenic loner. Watch his ramblings on social sites. Listen to what his acquaintances say. Read some qualified medical opinions. This was NOT politically motivated, at least not in the sense of conservatives vs. liberals, or republicans vs. democrats. This idiot has no ties whatsoever with the Tea Party, conservatives, Fox News, etc… Unfortunately the left are not just jumping to false conclusions but trying to gain politically from a sad situation. And it wasn’t the gun either; it was the man who pulled the trigger. The monster was using hard drugs; aren’t they illegal? So how is making guns illegal going to stop all criminals from using guns? Anyway, a call for moderation is always welcome, but I question Mr. Olbermann’s real motive here. It seems to me it’s just another cheap, baseless liberal attack on the right.

  3. This dreadful event made me think of Pakistan, and how the US and Pakistan have a lot in common:
    They both suffer from religious extremists
    They both suffer from political assassination
    They both have a problem between political extremes
    They both have guns in the hands of anyone who wants one
    They both have nuclear weapons
    They are both democracies in which the rich and privileged hold all the power
    Apart from that, they’re totally different!

  4. Guns and gun rights are not the issue. As a society, we put more emphasis on incarceration, and could care less about mental health.

    The drug policy is just another example of how insensitive we have become as a country. It is more important to spend piles of money on fighting a failed war on drugs, when we should be dealing with the addiction issue.

    This county has changed in the last 10 especially. We have become politically polarized. We have become a nation of left or right, rich or poor, but the fact still remains, we are all Americans. We should expect and want the same things for ourselves, our children and our country.

  5. Kieth you are the ” MAN ” reguardless of what you have said wrong in past the FACT is that you can stand up and admit to TV land and everyone else that you were wrong is a beautiful thing my friend. I love ur show and know that it must have been really hard for you to air the day ur Dad past away. Its always good to see TV people with real true feelings. As far as, our country and where its headed I can only say that if all these F@*#%$# nut job Holy Rolling freaks keep brain washing whoever and themselves with their CRAZY talk and ideas that the world is going to end a certain way.

    Well then I guess it will. History has brought before to all of us this kinda Crazy preaching from powerful leaders of countries who have committed horrifing crimes and atrocities against humanity. Here’s one BIG CRAZY ” Hitler “…. We also have a much bigger problem with our System that contuinully fails us as a whole. By dumping on us people (Jared) who has been Certified as Scidsofrenic / Psychotic / Delusional. Back in the 1970’s our wonderful gov’t decided to throw out back onto the streets and give rights to these A.K.A normal but really truely sick people for you and I to deal with.

    Look theirs no such thing as a perfect society or world for that matter but theres this thing of doing the Right Thing by those who cannot or will not do for themselves. And same goes for sane people who go out here in the world and steal monies in business and cheat on contracts… Oh well I am starting to rant now so in closing I just think this great free country and land of ours needs to be very careful, considerate, and mindful of its people and it environment. Otherwise we will not servive the outcome of Chaos and Anarchy that others keep preaching.

  6. Is Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket the Tucson funerals? Yes, of course. To find out more details, go to WBC’s site at Or go to and search for this phrase: Westboro Baptist Tucson. Here you will find Rev. Phelps’s 4:13 (that’s 4 minutes and 13 seconds, not a scriptural reference) video on the Tucson shootings as well as related stories.

  7. While there are a great many to blame in this matter, the blame ultimately lies with those that have recognized the mental instability of this young man, and have not forced the issue of having him helped.

    He was just recently thrown out of college because of his instability. Why were the authorities not notified he was timebomb waiting to go off?

    His remarks all over the web were indicators that he was troubled. Why did no one report them to the authorities?

    He obviously has parents!!! Where in the helll were they while their child was falling apart? While he plotted the massacre?

    Yes, we all need to take note of how our actions might affect others on a day to day basis. The media, the politicians, everyone needs to take a deep breath and QUIT all the finger pointing and blame assessing, suck it up and admit you were wrong too, and assume your part in it people. We all have guilt to bear.

    And, there will no doubt be those that feel tougher gun laws could have prevented this massacre. Well for benefit of those of you that do… The rally was being held in a parking lot, for God’s sake, he could drove his car through the crowd. Odds are there would have been far more injured and dead if he had. Would you suggest a ban on automobile sales if he had??

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people; guns are simply a tool used by murderers. If you take that tool away, they will only improvise and find a different tool to accomplish their task. Sooner or later you’re just going to have to face the reality, that there are truly some sick SOBs out there in our world. And, quit trying to blame the problem on something else. Today’s society is the problem! We are the problem! All of us!!

  8. Really Keith?

    Do you REALLY want to take this opportunity to rail on the supposed connection between political speech and the crazed actions of a known madman?

    Really? Seriously?

  9. Ah, if we could only all come to Olbermann’s piece without our preconceived notions of what Olbermann represents.

    Sure, the killer was a madman but you can’t say that his political ‘views’ did not play a part.


    1. Mike, what political views are those? That the government controls our grammar? Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto?

      The madman shot Giffords because she couldn’t answer his idiotic question several years ago. He had this fixation with her. She just happens to be a Democrat.

      How are his political views conservative? He was a registered independent, did not vote in 2010, and had no relation to conservatives whatsoever.

      At least that’s the information available today. Nothing to indicate otherwise. But people like this guy in the video – I’m assuming he’s from msnbc – of course they will take advantage to attack the Tea Party. That’s the oldest trick in the liberal manual.

  10. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people; guns are simply a tool used by murderers. If you take that tool away, they will only improvise and find a different tool to accomplish their task.”
    But Rocky, if he didnt have a gun then those people would not be dead. Guns kill quickly and easily. A knife or any other tool would never have reigned such instant terror on those innocent people. The gun culture in the US should end. There really should be no need for the average person to be able to walk into a local high street store and buy such a terrifying killing tool.
    A Canadian friend…

    1. My Canadian friend,
      Why don”t you come over here and try to put an end to my “gun culture”? It’s not a gun culture its a self sustainability culture. Guns are tools. Not only for murder but also for defense and for hunting. Somebody earlier in this thread was talking about the disregard of background checks for semi-automatic weapons. My initial response is to state that there is not a requirement for a background check for the purchase of a semi automatic weapon unless its a handgun.

      All that aside, I’ll put it to you and the rest of the world like this: I was born with guns and will die with them. My children were born with them and I’m pretty sure they will be just as un-waivering in their stances on the issues of “gun control” for one simple reason: You can not and should not trust any stranger for security whether it’s your family’s or your own. I would never try to burden my government in such a way. I only want my government to balance the budget, maintain a reliable infrastructure, and diligently monitor the human and material traffic that crosses our borders.
      No friend of mine would ever come to my house and tell me how to clean it.

  11. With respect, Jared Houghner, whom I firmly believe is a paranoid schizophrenic, HAS NO coherent political views, except perhaps those he adopted from his favorite music–the radical leftist Punk Rock band “Anti-Flag.” He didn’t even vote in 2010! Houghner had fixated negatively on lovely Rep. Giffords by 2007, long before any of us had HEARD of Sarah Palin. And for all we know, it was because of the representative’s “English grammar.” Houghner didn’t like her answer to his question. Witnesses there said no one could UNDERSTAND his question!

    I am an Arizonan, and what the Pima County Sheriff said is an absolute disgrace to his office, to rational people everywhere, and to the grieving survivors (of a paranoid schizophrenic “episode”) who didn’t need POLITICS exploited at a time like this! Moreover, Houghner himself didn’t need any outside influence to do what he did. Such people do not live in the same world we live in. Their world is unique, it’s inside their heads, it’s inaccessible to us, and vice versa. Inexplicable violence goes with THEIR territory, whether they live in a soundproof room, or the house nextdoor. They are dangerous. And this IS a mental health issue, not a political one.

    Here’s MY plea: In light of Jared Lee Houghner’s obvious and SEVERE mental illness (most likely paranoid schizophrenia, IMO), this is the perfect time to gather facts and figures and write an in-depth series of reports on the terrors, sorrows, losses and deaths that families and communities have suffered because of current U.S. MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM and its unlivable policies. ESPECIALLY, the rule that, before they may be committed to an institution, mentally ill patients must first be medically PROVEN “to be danger to themselves or others.” Obviously, this is usually impossible without an actual assault, and even then, the institutionalization is not permanent. I have known four people formally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. While living their wonderful lives of “freedom” just like the rest of us, one committed suicide, one stabbed her loving husband in the back for no reason, one routinely beat up his elderly mother and eventually jumped off a bridge and broke his back, and one, I don’t know…the last I heard, he’d fallen back into alchohol and drugs. I am not unsympathetic with these people. But I have seen enough, in my one little community alone, to realize that our present mental health system is ITSELF insane. Let’s DO something about it!

    1. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately we are David and our opponent is the Goliath as tall as all the insured people (including medi care/cade) standing on top of one another’s shoulders and as broad as all the pharmaceutical reps in a conga line bent over butt to face.

  12. People Should be allowed to make their own choices, we dont need the goverment making them for us just because a few people make bad choices. I dont care about anyone of the people who was shot, I dont feel sorry for them or their families. Does that make me a bad person…..absoultely not. Why should I suffer because a few people got killed. I live in a free country…..more like read the fine print country.

  13. I don’t think the political views of a madman represents any of the views of the people Olbermann is talking about. I often listen to “those” people and never once did I interpret what they said to mean take up arms and gun someone down. All he’s (Olbermann) doing is to try make political points with his audience on such a sad day.
    Americans know better than to buy into such ridiculous commentary.
    If you don’t believe what I’m saying, don’t take my word, instead, listen to those people for yourself!

  14. Olbermann is right on the mark and some commentators would do well to appreciate that the so-called loner ‘madman’ performed a deliberately planned action within an environment created by people that inspired him in some way to conduct that act. Whatever problems he had were not that important per se, but the fact he was driven to commit such an act – even kill a child – speaks volumes. How many more people are out there like him – prepared to mete out a warning or justice as they see it, with no history of mental problems? The issue needs to be taken seriously by Americans to help create an environment of respect, tolerance and acceptance of different views.

  15. For many years the Right in the US has hidden behind garbled interpretations of the Second Amendment and crypto-racism to put forward the John Wayneing of America where only those who believe the Hollywood version should be allowed to live unmolested. There are many well-informed and contrary opinions available and until these so-called conservatives can argue with words rather than bullets perhaps it’s time to cool off the rhetoric. When Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh can spew their hate-filled nonsense into the airwaves day after day, it seems rather pathetic to call Keith Olbermann to task for suggesting that calls to violence against fellow citizens are over-the-top.
    Let us bring the argument back to argument.
    Isn’t that what the Constitution is all about.

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