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Home  /  internet marketing   /  seo   /  How much does site maturity impact SEO? Should I register my site before it's complete for SEO purposes?
  • Janeth D
    July 17, 2009

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    A site is more likely to be sandboxed because of a major change to the site then for any other reason.

    If you launch a new site with lots of pages targeting long tail keywords chances are it is going to rank really well for a month and then disappear for a month or two and then reappear.

    However, if you start a site with under construction it is never going to rank and then when you do the major change from under construction to a real website it is going to be sandboxed for 6 to 8 months.

  • rich w
    July 20, 2009

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    I wouldn’t worry about registering your site. Although from the outlook it is easy to believe that the ‘spiders’ will immediately start crawling the site it is rarely the case. If the website is performing, the search engines will find it.

    The biggest concern is being careful not to link build too quickly (I wouldn’t even worry about this too much if its a reasonably small site). Other than that, I’d definitely recommend getting the site up and running sooner rather than later. One of Google’s priorities in 2008 is content over everything else: you’ve probably heard the buzz phrase “content is king”. Google will never punish you for having too much content on your site as long as it is presented properly.

    Keyword heavy, unique, relevant, updating content presented and archived properly alongside the basics (meta tagsurls/no frames/minimum flash), will ensure you’re performing quickly and effectively.

    There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy, but I have seen companies who haven’t even been indexed to having (and more importantly retaining)number 1/2/3 positions within 3 months through following these basic guidelines.

    Ultimately, all you are doing through this is giving Google what it wants on a platform it can read.

    My conclusion from an SEO point of view is to get the site to a stage where it won’t discredit your business, then set it live.

    Hope I’ve been of some use. If you have any questions/want any advice etc, don’t hesitate to send me an email I’d be happy to help.

  • Jeremy L. Knauff
    July 22, 2009


    Yes, you should register it now. First of all, use a little business sense – what do you plan to do if someone else registers it in the meantime? On the SEO side of things, the age of a domain does have a major impact on ranking. By registering it sooner, you will begin to benefit sooner.

  • SEOGuy
    July 23, 2009

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    Yes, buy your domain now if your are sure of the one that you want. Otherwise when you go to buy it later it might not be available anymore.

    Just because you aren’t ready to launch your website is no reason to not purchase your desired domain. You can simply park the domain until you are ready to use it. That way you don’t lose it, it matures & you have a reason to get your work done so that you can launch your website.

    However, your website doesn’t need to “BE” complete when you launch it. It just needs to “LOOK” complete with good navigation and a recommended site map for the spiders to know where all your different web pages are at. As you are ready you can add to your website just as you would break out a wall of a house and add to its size.

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  • Dennis G
    July 26, 2009

    Create a video blog

    Instead of putting up a standard “Under construction” page I would put up a page of text describing what will be on the site. This way if search engines find it they will know how to index it.

  • frogstone
    July 28, 2009

    doing constant link building can make your site more mature, just remember that every minute in the internet can change a lot. by that you must constantly visit the site or make a seo operation to secure that your site is on the right track.

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