Google Mail Multi-Account Checker: Keep Tabs On All Of Your Gmail Inboxes

Gmail is huge. Almost everyone I know has at least one Gmail account, and many people have multiple accounts. If you fall under the latter, and are sick of having to log into your Gmail multiple times to check each one, than you should check out Google Mail Multi-Account Checker. While it doesn’t have the smoothest name, it is one of the smoothest ways to check your Gmail if you have many accounts.

multi email checker

Once you go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension you just need to enter the number of accounts you have, and the log in credentials for each one. The icon for the application will sit on the top right of your screen, by the address bar, and will tell you when you have a new mail message on any of your accounts.

When you click the icon you will see a preview of your message. You can then click that and be sent to Gmail, where you can view the message in its entirety.


  • Keep track of multiple Gmail accounts.
  • Keeps track of your mail in real-time so you never miss a message.
  • Preview of message without going to Gmail.
  • Click preview and go right to Gmail to read your message.

Find Google Mail Multi-Account Checker on the Google Chrome Web Store

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