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Thanks to all who called in yesterday to the debut of Cool Talk, my weekly LIVE podcast hosted by TalkShoe.

Every week, I, along with some very special guests, share my most prized tips, strategies and methods for running my web sites and mastering online marketing.

And here’s the best part: I’ve scheduled Cool Talk to start every Thursday at 1:30PM EST following my appearance on Stump Markus, Markus Allen’s insanely informative podcast (also hosted on TalkShoe).

Here’s your chance to get expert advice (or just a kick in the pants) to move your online business in a very forward, very positive direction.

So, if you need a lifeline in this ever changing and wonderfully exciting world of online marketing, do what hundreds of other smart web folks are doing; join us every Thursday from 12-2:30PM EST for a dizzying amount of quality information designed for one purpose: to make you HUGE on the ‘net!

Here’s what to do now: mark your calendars and stamp your brain with the following:

  1. Stump Markus begins at 12 noon EST. Here are your coordinates.
  2. Cool Talk follows immediately at 1:30PM right here.

Talk to you then!


P.S. If you want to get full access to all of the Stump Markus audios (and companion notes) and pickup tips, strategies, and methods on how to build your business, visit this page and take advantage of the 30-day free trial to his Marketing Junkies Inner Circle Membership while it lasts (if you don’t find thousands of dollars worth of great advice, I’d like to know about it)

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