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Get a massive SEO Course from StomperNet for nothing.

Yesterday 8,414 of you opened my e-mail about Stompernet’s ‘Advanced SEO Techniques’ and 667 of you actually watched the video.  I find that completely unacceptable — I would expect at least half of you to recognize an opportunity like this.

LISTEN: If you care AT ALL about your website’s ranking in the search engines, this is one link you MUST visit:
Again, in March I spent 3 days with these guys in Atlanta at Stompernet Live and there’s no doubt that they know what they’re talking about (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SEO).
They have just released a free “7 Deadly SEO Mistakes” course that you can sign up for right here:

It can be really hard to know who you can trust when it comes to SEO, but StomperNet has expert faculty like Jerry West, Dan Thies, Leslie Rohde – guys who learn by doing, by testing, and by sharing results with folks just like you and me.

Watch the video if you want to know more, but Don’t Hesitate.

They’re STILL SENDING me awesome SEO information every day, and I really think it can help you get the rankings you want for your sites.

Join me in the course here:

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