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Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting

I know that a lot of my readers have questions about SEO and I try to answer as many questions as possible.

I know that it can be tricky trying to figure out what’s the MOST important thing to start with regarding SEO. If you’re still freaked out by it all and need a way to increase your site traffic (and profits!), then you need The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting.

Forget those over-priced SEO products hyped by “seo gurus,” this really is the “Greatest Goldmine of Easy SEO Tips Ever Crammed into One Package.”

The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting was specially updated by my friend and SEO Wiz, Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing, for my readers. Together, it took Ian and I less than a week to record a 45-minute mp3 and compile our favorite ‘go to’ tools for SEO – just for you!

If you’re going to move up in the rankings and stay there, you have to know how to write visitor and search engine-friendly content and that’s exactly what we’ll show you. Why learn about keyword mining, page rank, and meta tags when you shouldn’t have to? Right!?

These simple lessons taught in The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting are designed for ANYONE to start winning at SEO TODAY. And when I say anyone, I mean ANYONE.

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