Do traffic exchanges hurt website’s Google Search rank?

jbishum asked:

I’m the webmaster of an airsoft website that’s seen much success in the past 5-6 months with search engine rankings. It’s been on the first page results for several of the biggest search engine’s for many of my top keywords. I was receiving lots of traffic from search engines (google esp.) until just about a week ago when my website simply dropped off the map on It’s still listed, but it went from 1st page results to “I can’t even find them” results. About a month ago I became a member of a traffic exchange program to help boost my Alexa Ranking. My question is this, do traffic exchange programs harm your google search engine ranking? I can’t really find any other reason why it would have dropped so quickly! Thanks for your help!

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    Your answer to this question lies in the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines, I provided a few links below this answer for you to do more research. You should avoid these type of programs and methods to build backlinks and drive traffic to your website, 99% of the traffic isn’t real anyways.

    Secondly, Alexa is a worthless rating system. About less than 1% of all web surfers actually use this toolbar, and the only stats it can pull are from users who have the toolbar installed. Alexa is actually spyware, it reports all your surfing information and habits to it’s main server (how do u think it gets ranking information) and resells it as marketing data.

    Build natural one-way quality backlinks to your site, this is the best way to improve your SERPs and increase traffic correctly.

  • Cool Site of the Day Sep 18, 2010, 8:01 pm

    Cool Site of the Day

    The answer is yes .

    When you have a website that displays your banner or backlink for any length of time that does not have high quality . It will hurt your rank .

    If for example you are in a banner exchange with a warez site . You will run the chance of getting sandboxed by google . *nother words blacklisted*

    It is all about quality that your banner partner’s website.

    My advice if you would like to raise your alexa ranking try going to

    Here is what they do they give you unique visitors . I personally use there service . I am quite empressed .

    I am not an affiliate just like there service . I purchased 100k untargeted visitors . My conversion was not as high as google ppc . But per dollar I made more . Google currently charges me 10.00 a click on my keyword.

    Hope that helps.

  • Free SEO tracking tool Sep 19, 2010, 5:02 am

    Cool Site of the Day

    It will increase the ranking

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