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I try not to post any messages on the weekend but I woke up at 4 AM this morning with my head buzzing about Tuesday. You know that feeling when you’re onto something really big and you can’t wait to tell the whole world?

Anyway, I had a conversation with the developer of the search traffic generator (let’s call it ‘nirvana’) that I’ll be revealing on Tuesday. If I didn’t know for myself, I’d think this guy is crazy (and, in fact, he is one of those ‘obsessed’ geniuses). The search traffic that his system is generating is mind boggling (I’m currently either testing or setting up 20 accounts for MYSELF in twenty different product categories). What’s even more insane is the pricing that he’s thinking of.

Worth $100,000 a year?

We won’t know until Tuesday what the pricing will be but I can tell you this: last year I spent $100,000 on pay per click advertising for ONE product and made almost $150,000. Well, from the sounds of what ‘nirvana man’ is telling me, I will be paying a small fraction of that to get even MORE traffic.

I can’t say anymore about pricing now because ‘nirvana man’ is struggling with the idea of making this system affordable for EVERYONE (he doesn’t want to leave the small business owner out). On the other hand, he’s starting to incur HUGE bandwidth costs (I’ll explain why on Tuesday) which his current pricing barely covers. Since ‘nirvana’ is still in beta, ‘nirvana man’ has only charged his early testers a pittance of what the system is worth. Lucky for me.

Once ‘nirvana’ is out of beta (when he reaches only 500 memberships) the price is going to skyrocket…and members, like me, will pay it gladly. Thing is, no one knows what that price is going to be; I’m hearing anywhere from $997 to $4,997 per year (a sick bargain).

Just one warning: ‘nirvana’ is not a simple setup; I didn’t jump aboard until a year after I was initially contacted by ‘nirvana man’ because the process seemed so daunting. When I finally realized that ‘nirvana’ had to be the #1 choice in my traffic tool kit, I spent 3 weeks learning it inside and out. I mention this because I may offer to setup ‘nirvana’ accounts at no cost for my Cool Site subscribers. I’ve got to think this through a little bit more before Tuesday.

OK, I’m off on a road trip until tomorrow night.

Have a great weekend wherever you are.


Mike Corso
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  • web-wise Mar 11, 2008, 10:36 pm

    Hi Mike, it’s late Tuesday and I’m anxiously awaiting the Nirvana search traffic generator info. Perhaps the unveiling was delayed until a later date ?

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