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It’s Friday.

Christmas is only days away.

And I’ve got a great gift for everyone who has submitted their site to Cool Site of the Day over the years…well, not everyone–just those who want to make money from their web site(s).

(If you’re not interested in making money with your web site then delete this message now–it will only be a waste of your time.)

Before I send you off to your gift–a gift that will truly keep on giving for the rest of your life–I want you to know that I have had some enormous success in the field of Affiliate Marketing (generating over $800,000 in annual affiliate revenue).

Beginning with the new year, I am going to start sharing ALL my Affiliate Marketing secrets with a select group of webmasters who have visited Cool Site of the Day over the past several years. You could be one of them.

At the end of this message you will have a chance to join my ‘Cool Site of the Day Biz Blog’ e-mail list. When you do, you will be placed on my early notification list announcing the long-awaited release of my most closely guarded tips and tricks of the Affiliate Marketing game. Yes, it will be free.

Now for your gift (as if giving you my brain dump is not enough).

Like I said above, I’m going to give you something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Strong words, I know, but when I was introduced to Rich Schefren several months ago my entire life AND business changed. You see, Rich wrote the “Internet Business Manifesto”. The “Manifesto” is a free report that has changed the lives of thousands of Internet entrepreneurs including myself.

In fact, I can honestly say that Rich Schefren’s free reports have been the single most important factor in my affiliate commissions going from a couple of hundred dollars per month to $10,000,
$20,000, and $30,000 per month.

I’ve included a link to the “Manifesto” below but it’s important to know that his follow-up, “The Attention Age Doctrine” and his latest “Business Acceleration Program” are just as critical and
timely as the “Manifesto” was when it was released.

AND that is EXACTLY why you MUST get this NOW

Rich Schefren released his Business Acceleration Program yesterday.

There has NEVER been a course like this before. I mean, just look at the page and you’ll see what I mean.

Even if you think you’re not going to grab a copy (I think you’re crazy if you don’t), you MUST take a look at the Fast Mover Bonuses.

They are unbelievable.

Rich has proven with this launch that everything he teaches actually WORKS. So, of course, I’m getting a copy for myself.

I recommend you do the same.

Get yours NOW.

Before they’re gone — and they WILL be gone.

To your success in 2008,
Mike Corso
Cool Site of the Day TM
“On the Web Since 1994. Over 4,000 Sites Served!”

P.S. To join my ‘Cool Site of the Day Biz Blog’ e-mail list simply enter your first name and e-mail address here.

P.P.S. To get up to speed real quick with Rich Schefren’s thinking, download his free “Internet Business Manifesto” and “The Attention Age Doctrine“. Incredible stuff.

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