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One video isn't really enough to warrant a Cool Site of the Day, especially one on YouTube (not to mention one this short. Though, I did just mention it, didn't I?), but this just has to be seen to be believed: Cool Site of the Day

Okay, folks. In my opinion, this may be the coolest of the coolest of the cool web sites. Of course, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old and many folks may be offended by it, but let me know what you think. Sound off, and if the response is positive, we'll go ahead and make this stinker a Cool Site of the Day: Cool Site of the Day

So every once in a while we come across a site that tickles our fancy. Or tickles our not-so fancy, but we wonder if it is appropriate for the Cool Site of the Day audience. There can be a number of reasons why a site is "questionable." Too racy, too opinionated (though that usually won't stop us) or, in this case, too profane. But man, this one is FUNNY. It may rear its f&%king head as a Cool Site of the Day yet. For now, enjoy: Cool Site of the Day

...dropped the ball. "Bit the bag and stepped out the door," to quote a quotable movie. Much to my embarassment, we received a batch of emails regarding our Cool Site of the Day of Feb. 03, 2007 which, incidentally, hadn't been updated since April 7, 2003. Yes, that long. And, YES, it says so RIGHT ON THE HOME PAGE. So what happened? Well, there was this monkey, see. An evil monkey, and I was scared... and...The truth? I was in a rush. While normally we give each site very careful consideration, there are times when a date is open, I just got over