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I recently started buying websites to complement Cool Site of the Day (it's incredible how many sites are available for purchase that can funnel VERY LOW COST traffic to Cool Site of the Day.  I'm sure your site can benefit as well). Anyway, there are two domain search services that have become a part of my daily ritual: Flippa and DomainFace . is a good starting point but DomainFace is loaded with features that help you not only find perfect domains and websites but also assure that, if there's an auction sale, you win the bidding.

There are TONS of blogs out there, from the google blog to Cool Site of The Day, which is a WordPress blog! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to start you own blog, but may not be a blog expert then WordPress is the place for you to begin. I’ve mentioned my LOVE for this tool, heck I have a WordPress Page on the site (showing some of the best free wordpress themes), and want to assure you that building a blog does NOT have to be difficult. Sure, there are plenty of places out there where users can create blogs,

If you’re like me, you live and breath social media and you probably have accounts at twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Between all of the social media icons on my phone, and passwords for my laptop -- it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the latest feeds, tweets, and facebook activity. Well, you definitely DO NOT need to be a social media geek to appreciate HootSuite . Whether you use TweetDeck , HootSuite , SocialOomph , or something else, the fact is, if you're heavy into this social world of ours, you have to start using some kind of social dashboard.  I

I really believe that sending an html email message to your subscribers should NOT be difficult. Maybe because I’m a LONG TIME customer of AWeber. AWeber has made communicating with your readers quite simple. Visit AWeber AWeber is an awesome resource in helping you to create, maintain, and distribute emails to your subscribers as well as retaining new users. It also offers customers tips on how to build and manage subscription lists, track email campaigns, send follow-up emails to your users, and so much more. Their easy-to-navigate site, vast and unique template options, as well as simple-to-use system help to make sending multiple emails to multiple

If you’re looking for a free, no strings attached cool Search Engine Optimization Tips (SEO) tool, then visit Link Diagnosis. This mash-up of data made available by Google and services offered by Yahoo!, helps users maximize their SEO strategy. Visit LinkDiagnosis Not only does LinkDiagnosis look for all of the indexed pages of your site, it also searches the sites that link back to each of your pages, checks for the authority of each of those sites linking back to you (I LOVE THIS FEATURE), checks if those links are still there, and determines the PageRank of each link. As I mentioned in an earlier

I’ve got another awesome tool to share with you from the creative minds over at Idée. I’ve already told you about some of their other cool tools in my past posts about the reverse image search engine and the Visual Search Lab, but the Multicolr Search Lab allows users to search by color! Visit Multicolr Search Lab This color image search engine has over 10 million photos at your disposal comprised of the most “interesting Creative Commons images on Flickr.” The Multicolr Search Labs unique Piximilar visual search technology allows users to search the vast collection of images by color – up to ten

Gather all of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information in one place with SheerSEO . This must have software features Search Engine Report Pages (SERPs) for Google, Bing, and Yahoo - including data from Google Analytics. SheerSEO also offers Twitter and social bookmarking monitoring, backlink analysis, reporting on keyword rank, and so much more. Visit SheerSEO . I love their automated process of tracking and reporting which is seriously a MAJOR time saver. Not only are you able to hold all of yours and your client’s SEO information in one safe place, but you can check your reports anytime, anyplace on any platform –