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If you’re like me, you live and breath social media and you probably have accounts at twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Between all of the social media icons on my phone, and passwords for my laptop -- it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the latest feeds, tweets, and facebook activity. Well, you definitely DO NOT need to be a social media geek to appreciate HootSuite . Whether you use TweetDeck , HootSuite , SocialOomph , or something else, the fact is, if you're heavy into this social world of ours, you have to start using some kind of social dashboard.  I

TweetAdder - Just started using this tool today (my original twitter account , 'cnotes', has 4,000 followers--too many; after much research, I decided to build up my 'mike_corso' twitter account with quality, targeted followers using TweetAdder.  Great, uncomplicated software). Anyway, TweetAdder is a killer piece of software at a VERY affordable price.  Highly recommended for any wannabe power Twitter users out there. Mike

In the past I've talked about SocialOomph - an amazing tool for managing all your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.  Well, I just got an e-mail from Dewald (the creator of SocialOomph ) about his latest product, FollowerHub .  If you're active in the social media space, I invite you to sign up for a free account (as I am about to do) and share your thoughts right here. I rarely endorse products without trying them first but, based on the sick amount of features found in SocialOomph , I have no doubt that FollowerHub will be a home run. Mike

We can thank Dan Hollings of TwitterTwenius for coining the phrase 'TweetSets' (a group of tweets).  Here's a map I created for a client which shows the steps involved in getting your TweetSets posted to your Twitter account on a scheduled basis (if you're having a problem viewing the map, visit this page):