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We can thank Dan Hollings of TwitterTwenius for coining the phrase 'TweetSets' (a group of tweets).  Here's a map I created for a client which shows the steps involved in getting your TweetSets posted to your Twitter account on a scheduled basis (if you're having a problem viewing the map, visit this page):

Could making money with Twitter be any easier than this? TweetBucks - This is a WAY cool idea-totally free to signup. In fact they deposit $5 into your account just for signing up: TweetBucks will be covered in my upcoming release Twitter or Die. Have a great weekend, Mike

The power of Twitter is so strong for social and business use that I've renamed my Twitter tutorial Twitter or Die (ebook + audio).  It's that insane. Anyway, after I show you how to combine these tools for maximum effect, Twitter will become 10X more powerful than you could ever imagine (I'm adding over 100 new followers a day on autopilot and the only way I could've done this was by using the right tools). Twitter or Die will show you EVERYTHING you need to know. The best part: I'm preparing a series of 20 Q&A videos (less than 60 minutes total running time) that will

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Just got my press credentials to cover Affiliat Summit's Social Media Conference in NYC on October 5th. Looking forward to a great conference and sharing everything with you.There's only room for 300 attendees; if you can make it to New York on October 5th I highly recommend this conference. You'll never approach Myspace, Facebook, DIGG, and Technorati the same