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"Social Networking and Security Risks" Each social networking tool comes with its own set of security concerns which can put your information systems and/or personal data at risk. This white paper looks at some of these risks and identifies possible solutions to help protect you, your personal information and your company data. Download your free copy here. Mike  

New Facebook Profile All I had to do was watch 3 minutes of Justin Wheeler's demo of his 'Easy FanPage Design' program and I realized this was the answer for anyone who needs to know how to create a new facebook profile fan page. Facebook constantly trades places with Google as the most visited site in the world with more than 600 million active users—and more than half visiting the site daily. Your friends, customers, prospective customers and clients are ALL active on Facebook—you're business should be there too. Even if you’ve been on Facebook for a while, Facebook has been busy overhauling its fan pages (aka “Like

Google Music (Note: look out for Google's formal introduction of Google Music on November 16) Upload up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection to listen from any computer or on your phone (Android), even offline. All for free. My only complaint: does not play with iPhone like it does with Android. If you’re seeing this on November 16, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link and give it a rating from 1-10. Mike

Online Business Systems If you're searching for an online business system (or PROCESS) or you're contemplating starting an online business, Rich Schefren's 'Internet Business Manifesto' is a must read.  Schefren's guidance saved me when I felt like I was drowning in a sea of TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I still reread portions of this valuable guide 2-3 times per year (after first coming across it nearly 6 years ago!). Download it, it's free, and it will be the best time you spend in support of your online business goals. If you’re seeing this on November 15, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link and give it a

Interactwive Do you get how important social media is for your website? Well, Interactwive gets you a big bang out of Twitter. This contest setup tool lets you set up and manage Twitter competitions. All you need to do is enter the start date, end date and what people should tweet to enter. For example, a @mention, #hashtag or other word/phrase. And that's all the setup involved. If you’re seeing this on November 11, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link and give it a rating from 1-10. Mike