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Holstee is an eco-friendly clothing and accessories company that posted this manifesto to express the owners' belief system regarding life and work.  Two bloggers picked up on it and it spread like wildfire (another way of saying it went viral big time). Anyway, by popular demand, Holstee started selling posters of the manifesto and in November poster sales made up 50% of their sales! If you're reading this on 2/5/12, you can rate it here or by clicking on the 'See Today's Site' graphic on the right. Otherwise, find it in our archive. To order the poster, click here. Mike

Talk about a 'feel good' story. The Acumen Fund is on a mission to create a world beyond poverty by investing in social enterprises, emerging leaders, and breakthrough ideas. They envision a day when every human being will have access to the critical goods and services they need--including affordable health, water, housing, energy, agricultural inputs and services. This is where dignity starts – not just for the poor but for everyone on earth. PLEASE RATE THIS SITE: If you’re seeing this on January 25, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link to view the site and give it a rating from 1-10. Mike

If you need a new pair of glasses (or know someone who does), turn them onto this site. What I like about Warby Parker is their 'Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program; whenever you buy a pair of glasses, they donate a pair to someone in need (85,000 pairs and counting!). Love it. Watch this video, get turned on and share with your friends and family. PLEASE RATE THIS SITE: If you’re seeing this on December 23, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link and give it a rating from 1-10. Mike

Create Jobs for USA Starbucks has teamed up with the Opportunity Finance Network to create and sustain jobs. Create Jobs for USA will provide capital grants to select Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). The CDFIs will provide financing to underserved community businesses which include small business loans, community center financing, housing project financing and microfinance. Starbucks has seeded this project with a $5 million contribution from the Starbucks Foundation. You can assist this effort by donating just $5 or more at any Starbucks or online. When you do, you’ll receive a red, white and blue wristband with the message “Indivisible”. HERE'S WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: you're

Hit the 'Like' button (above or below this video) so your friends see this.  Then, implore them to WATCH and ACT. A friend from Tucson emailed me this morning: "Keith Olbermann was right on the money with that commentary about violence in America. I'm still having trouble fighting back anger learning the Tucson shooter two months ago was able to buy a semi-automatic