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(edited 5/28/08; added a section about Process Maps)(edited 5/29/08; added two online mind mapping applications)Struggling with time management? That ends today.In this post, I'm going to share with you six things I use that are guaranteed to:Increase how much work you get doneIncrease the QUALITY of your work and businessMake your life less stressfulI have discussed the last three items previously but they're worth repeating; the first three are recent discoveries for me and are absolutely LIFE CHANGING.FOUR DAY WORK WEEKThere's a great blog for webmasters and designers called A List Apart. I was introduced to the founder, Jeffrey Zeldman, several

Same old story: I aim to post something on Thursday and I'm either scrambling late Thursday night or, as in this case, by the end of the day on Friday. Good thing I have nothing to sell--you've heard it before: send your 'pitch' e-mails on Tuesday or Wednesday when people are more likely to read them.Cool Site of the Day VIPAnyway, I'm deep into creating a 'Cool Site of the Day VIP' program so I've only got time to share just a few nuggets with you today.By the way, the 'Cool Site of the Day VIP' program will enable online business

Thanks to everyone for completing the survey that I posted last week (“Just One Question”). And welcome to all the new members on this list—we’re up to 3,019 and climbing fast!The results of the survey are clear; I asked you to tell me what you would like to learn first and the most popular category was “Getting Search Engine Traffic” (selected by 71% of you). A close second was “A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Building Profitable Web Sites” (selected by 63%). Going down the list, I see “Finding Keywords” at 31%, “Being More Productive Overall” at 30%, “Choosing Affiliate Networks”