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Today's Cool Site of the Day (IFTTT) is FUN and USEFUL. I setup 6 'recipes' as soon as I heard about this site. For instance: "IF I 'star' and item in my news reader THEN add it to my Evernote account". You may have no clue what I just said but, trust me, kick the tires on this one

I heard my cousin raving about the Aviary photo editing tool (for web and mobile) and it reminded me that I actually used to USE Aviary. It is very cool and useful if you have a website or blog. You can embed the Aviary editor in your web or mobile app with just a few lines of code. View the web demo.  

File sharing just got easier with Just Beam It. There are other file sharing/file transfer services that I like such as wetransfer but just look at the simple, clean interface of Just Beam It. There is no doubt what this site is all about--simply explained in 2 seconds.

Truly "screencasts made easy". Here are a few things you can do with Screenr: Share your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook Reveal tips, tricks and software shortcuts Showcase the ins and outs of new products and apps Build brand and expert reputation Embed video tutorials on sites and blogs Try it here.

I think I just learned more about myself from this one article than anything else I've ever read. Could this simple notion be as powerful as I suspect? "People who kept their minds open were more goal-directed and more motivated than those who declared their objective to themselves". Really, two killer concepts here: the power and effect of 'self-talk' and living/growing with the question of 'will I?' over 'I will'. After you read this, please share your thoughts below and share this with your friends. Peace, Mike The Willpower Paradox Willingness is a core concept of addiction recovery programs—and a paradoxical one. Twelve-step programs emphasize that addicts cannot will

Holstee is an eco-friendly clothing and accessories company that posted this manifesto to express the owners' belief system regarding life and work.  Two bloggers picked up on it and it spread like wildfire (another way of saying it went viral big time). Anyway, by popular demand, Holstee started selling posters of the manifesto and in November poster sales made up 50% of their sales! If you're reading this on 2/5/12, you can rate it here or by clicking on the 'See Today's Site' graphic on the right. Otherwise, find it in our archive. To order the poster, click here. Mike