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Today's Cool Site of the Day is Clowdy, a place where you can upload your digital creations (any type of file) and collaborate with others. You can also discover other talented people and their projects. So, if you're into music, film, and photos, check out Clowdy. See it and vote for it here (on the day of this post) and give it a 'thumbs up' above

I heard my cousin raving about the Aviary photo editing tool (for web and mobile) and it reminded me that I actually used to USE Aviary. It is very cool and useful if you have a website or blog. You can embed the Aviary editor in your web or mobile app with just a few lines of code. View the web demo.  

While it’s true that The New York Times didn’t always use photos to best advantage, it was in the game beginning in 1896, when it first published an illustrated Sunday magazine. By the time of the First World War, readers were seeing extraordinary images every week of the conflict ravaging Europe. Early in the 20th century, The Times even had its own picture agency, Wide World Photos. If you're reading this on 3/3/12, you can view the site and rate it here or by clicking on the 'See Today's Site' graphic on the right. Otherwise, find it in our archive. Mike

This stunning time-lapse video puts you in the passenger seat of one man’s year-long adventure across 17 countries. You’ll see 6,237 pictures spliced together to create several gorgeous, fast-paced montages. San Francisco-based Kien Lam quit his job, started in London and then spent 343 days traversing the globe and snapping photos along the way. As told to Mashable, “To capture the spirit of the trip, I took time-lapse photographs at practically every city I traveled to