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Gmail is huge. Almost everyone I know has at least one Gmail account, and many people have multiple accounts. If you fall under the latter, and are sick of having to log into your Gmail multiple times to check each one, than you should check out Google Mail Multi-Account Checker. While it doesn’t have the smoothest name, it is one of the smoothest ways to check your Gmail if you have many accounts. Once you go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension you just need to enter the number of accounts you have, and the log in credentials for each one.

Our mobile number is an extension of us. Anyone can find us, chat with us, and call us. It is part of our identity. However, there are times when we just want to close off the pipe and protect our mobile number. MyAKA is a service that does just that  – giving users a second phone number or an alias, that works exactly like any mobile number while hiding yours. Once you have signed up for the service, MyAKA smartly assigns a mobile number that is in the same area code as your real number. This way, your contacts won’t know if you are

We all have so much Twitter activity that its hard to get a bird’s eye view. Vizify is a web service that aims to deliver just that, a bird’s eye view of your Twitter activity presented as an easy to view infographic. The first part of the infographic displays a graph of your tweets for each month, going back upto 3,200 tweets. It is followed by a list of your 5 most retweeted posts and a list of your top 5 favorite followers based on the number of times they have mentioned you in their tweets. You can also click on the little arrow at the

All of us have been proved non-human at some point or another by rogue CAPTCHAs. They are often unreadable and almost always annoying. PlayThru is a great alternative to traditional CAPTCHAs where instead of words or phrases, the CAPTCHA requires you to complete a 2-3 second game. Once you complete the dead simple game, you can proceed to the actual webpage. For website owners, it comes as a fresh breeze since it increases user satisfaction and also keep the bots away, hence cutting down on spam. For brands and advertisers, this is another great chance to embed their messages in this new form of

Google Chrome has no shortage of customized start pages, with each extension created to suit different users. But if you want a quick portal that includes all search engines, you should check out Bookolio. This Google Chrome add-on redesigns your new tab with popular search engines, bookmarks, and most visited pages. Bookolio’s selection of search engines include popular ones like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and Wikipedia. You can also get other niche searches like Dailymotion, Eurogamer, DeviantArt and IGN. Bookolio also checks the bookmark folders and organizes your bookmarks on the canvas so you can see all your favorite pages. While I personally prefer a

The background of your Twitter profile plays a major role in the customization of your Twitter account. Normally to personalize your Twitter page, you would upload a personal photograph taken by your phone. Would it not be convenient if you could somehow link your phone’s photographs to your Twitter’s background for easy profile customization? That is precisely what an app called InstaBG offers. InstaBG is a service that connects your Twitter account with your Instagram account. Many iOS device users use Instagram to store the photographs they shoot with their phones. With InstaBG, those Instagram photos can be automatically set as the background to

Every New Year, you buy a new calendar to mark the year’s most important dates on it. But this year, instead of buying a new calendar, why not save money and simply print out a calendar instead? With a web service called “Print a Calendar” you can do precisely that. Print a Calendar is a web service that is completely free to use. The site lets you print out calendars without having to register for any accounts. All you have to do is visit the site’s homepage. You will find the January calendar already being displayed. You can print out this calendar or share