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jbishum asked: I'm the webmaster of an airsoft website that's seen much success in the past 5-6 months with search engine rankings. It's been on the first page results for several of the biggest search engine's for many of my top keywords. I was receiving lots of traffic from search engines (google esp.) until just about a week ago when my website simply dropped off the map on It's still listed, but it went from 1st page results to "I can't even find them" results. About a month ago I became a member of a traffic exchange program to help boost my

Ying T asked: SEO-newbie question, to get a sense of what fraction of the 'market" for a given longtail keyword (say, from one month's search) should land on a website that has a first page search engine ranking for that term. 20%? 80%? Are the top five results almost guaranteed to be clicked through? Etc.Don't waste time tracking your SEO efforts

kingryanarthur asked: I want to know if it's possible to purchase a domain name, put up a website and get ranked for a set of keywords in under a month. People talk of the Google Sandbox and I understand that it's in a search engine's best interest to make sure that a website will "stand the test of time" before ranking them well in their rankings, but what of sites that are brand new, but have valuable information on them? I know you can buy your way into directories and to the top of search engines with PPC marketing. However, this question is about

Sharma asked: This step requires lots of time & research. It’s very important to find appropriate keyword for your website and build the content around this. It’s pointless to optimize your website for the keyword that is not searched by users on the internet zone. Use the keywords that are searched by users and have less competition. Why I am telling less competitive because if you optimize your webpages for the keyword that returns millions of webpages in search engine then you will never get ranked top in search engine for that keyword. So select the keyword that is less competitive and

Dennis E asked: I am curious as to why my ranking goes from somewhere in the top 5 one day, and the next its not in the top 100? I have used a rich title, relevent metatags but my ranking bounces all over the place. my site is http://www.capelawncare.comCool Site of the Day