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If you're not familiar with Raven Tools , I'm not surprised--they're relatively new.  Raven has made monitoring my SEO efforts so much easier.  Be sure to take advantage of their free 30-day trial. // // For more internet marketing tips and a list of all the tools I use on a regular basis, click on the 'webmaster resources' tab at the top of the screen. Happy ranking! Mike

Link Diagnosis is a mash-up between services offered by Yahoo! and data made available by Google. The process works like this: Link Diagnosis looks for all of the indexed pages of your site. Then it looks for all of the sites that link back to each of your pages. It then checks for the authority of each of those sites linking back to you. Then it checks to see if the links are still there. Link Diagnosis determines what type of link it is (good vs. no-follow) and how many other links are on the same page (outbound link count) Link Diagnosis determines the anchor

xyz87 asked: At yahoo homepage, it is stated that Barack Obama was the 3rd largest searched term in yahoo search engine for today. Only Jennifer Lopez and 1 more person was searched more. My question is, why John Mccain nowhere in the top 10 most searched terms? How bout George W Bush and Dick Cheney's rank of being searched in yahoo engine?WordPress Like a Pro

Ryan asked: I have some keywords picked out that appear to have little competition currently so now what do I have to do to rank in top 10ish for them? I am very confused why keywords like "cheap clothes online" (without quotes) returns as number 3 result(i get that is popular but nothing indicates they target that keyword) they are also very high for lots of other terms which I dont see in their title or description and every anchor text to their site I viewed (I only view about 100 out or their 2100) their inbond links said "" not really targeting