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Just a quick message -- I have to bolt for a train to NYC (heading to Search Engine Strategies - great conference). Why You Need To Be on Twitter First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the heartfelt messages following my mother's passing.  Facebook, Twitter and YOU are truly amazing.  (BTW, if you're not on Twitter or don't know if you need to be on Twitter, join Twitter NOW and follow me --I'll walk you through it.  As a social media tool, Twitter is awesome; as a business tool it's indispensible. How To Get a Quick Review by Cool Site of the

Whoa!That's the first word that came to mind when I returned from 17 days away from the office and saw how many people registered for the Arbitrage Conspiracy over the holiday (and, BTW, happy new year!).Over 1,000 students enrolled.W H O A ! !(Before I say anything else about the Arbitrage Conspiracy and my experience with it thus far, stay with this e-mail because, at the end, I'm going to preview the guts of my long-awaited 2009 Webmaster Toolkit. Too much information for the first Monday of the new year? Sorry, I can't help it--I'm overflowing with tons of great