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We all have goals with our websites and blogs. Whether it’s making sales, generating sign-ups for our newsletter, or attracting new customers. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very powerful the most important thing is conversion. It doesn't matter how well you rank for a keyword if it does nothing for you. Let me explain: While it might be really neat to rank for keywords and give you bragging rights, the most important thing is that we accomplish our main goal for our website. Like I mentioned above, either making sales or attracting new users. There are a couple of

If I were to hire Markus Allen and his braintrust to talk 'Internet Marketing' for 3 hours and then ask him to record it and provide notes, I'd say that brain dump would be worth $997.  At a minimum. So, being that he's just released 'Frank Kern Exposed' for only $7, I have three words for you: BUY IT NOW. Think I'm kidding? Here's a preview from Markus Allen's website: Love him or hate him, you have to admire Frank Kern. Kern has quickly become an internet marketing legend. And he's got millions of reasons why you should pay close attention to him (as he has millions in

This Yahoo! Search tool is truly awesome. Yahoo! Clues allows users to track online trends, demographics and much more simply by typing in a search term. Clue gives users a deeper understanding of the who, what, and where that are behind different searches, whether popular or not-so-popular. Visit Yahoo! Clues See who is searching your website or blog and compare the information to other keywords or terms that others are searching as well. This expansion of Yahoo Search lets users explore how people are actually using Yahoo’s search engine. Check out a search term’s popularity over time, who is searching where, and much

I know that a lot of my readers have questions about SEO and I try to answer as many questions as possible. I know that it can be tricky trying to figure out what’s the MOST important thing to start with regarding SEO. If you’re still freaked out by it all and need a way to increase your site traffic (and profits!), then you need The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting. Forget those over-priced SEO products hyped by “seo gurus,” this really is the “Greatest Goldmine of Easy SEO Tips Ever Crammed into One Package.” The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting

It's Saturday morning and I just got an e-mail from Colin Klinkert (a very savvy Internet Marketing whiz who I follow very closely). Colin has created SocialMonkee , an ingenious tool to quickly and almost automatically create free backlinks to your most important pages. In under 5-minutes I watched his video and immediately signed up. I highly recommend you do the same. Why You Should Get Backlinks Building backlinks to your pages is an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons: 1) it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important because you want the search engines to

I recently started buying websites to complement Cool Site of the Day (it's incredible how many sites are available for purchase that can funnel VERY LOW COST traffic to Cool Site of the Day.  I'm sure your site can benefit as well). Anyway, there are two domain search services that have become a part of my daily ritual: Flippa and DomainFace . is a good starting point but DomainFace is loaded with features that help you not only find perfect domains and websites but also assure that, if there's an auction sale, you win the bidding.

There are TONS of blogs out there, from the google blog to Cool Site of The Day, which is a WordPress blog! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to start you own blog, but may not be a blog expert then WordPress is the place for you to begin. I’ve mentioned my LOVE for this tool, heck I have a WordPress Page on the site (showing some of the best free wordpress themes), and want to assure you that building a blog does NOT have to be difficult. Sure, there are plenty of places out there where users can create blogs,