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My live webcast, Cool Talk begins in about one hour (1:30PM EST). I hope you'll join me because I'm going to discuss a few things I picked up at the ad-tech conference in New York on Tuesday (I sat down with some Google people and learned a few Adwords and Conversion Tracking tricks).Here are a few pointers:Make sure you choose Phrase Match or Exact Match when entering keywordsInclude single and plural variations of your keywordsWhen setting up a campaign, be sure to create Ad Variations (and highlight your competitive advantage)When you find a high-performing keyword, create a NEW campaign just for that

My live webcast, Cool Talk begins in about an hour (1:30PM EST).I hope you'll join me because the first 3 callers will go live with me and get to ask any questions related to their online/web marketing efforts.In addition, I'm going to discuss the following:How to quickly and easily build an seo friendly Amazon affiliate site using WMC's Amazon Site Generator.How to use Google's Keyword Tool to best advantage.How a call with the braniacs at PicLits sparked some great ideas for community building for ANY site.Finally, again, video testimonials can only advance the success of your site and marketing efforts.

If you communicate to webmasters, you'll want to signup for the SubmitEaze affiliate program and encourage your list to try SubmitEaze.SubmitEaze is a semi-automated directory submission software package that combines both website directory submission and article directory submission in one, easy-to-use package. Using SubmitEaze will result in more traffic, more sales, and more importantly: more money in your pocket.Speaking of affiliate programs, just about anyone can put a link or banner on their site and sell software or electronic gadgets so here are two must join programs:One (their is revolutionizing the way consumer electronics are being sold; after you register with

HeyHave you gotten your F'REE copy of "Stomping the Search Engines2" yet? though they had some problems at launch, they're up nowand people are LOVING this deal.You need to see it for yourself - the video on that pageexplains the whole thing - $500 worth of StomperNet materialfor F'REE. SEO from the biggest, baddest group on the planet, anddon't pay one cent for it. (Okay, TINY S&H charge - but that'sit!)Go check it out now.MikeP.S. They're SERIOUS about getting a copy to everyone who wantsit - they have a phone number AND email address on the cart andare going strong all day

Just got my press credentials to cover Affiliat Summit's Social Media Conference in NYC on October 5th. Looking forward to a great conference and sharing everything with you.There's only room for 300 attendees; if you can make it to New York on October 5th I highly recommend this conference. You'll never approach Myspace, Facebook, DIGG, and Technorati the same

After a great summer in New York I'm back to share my latest tips and tools to help make your Internet marketing efforts pay off in the fourth quarter.After laying low for the past few weeks I am forced to overwhelm you with 'too much information'.Yeah, you'll hear me say that you need to focus on only the important things in order to be successful online (getting traffic, converting traffic, and publishing great content). And yet, today, I've got so much damn good information to share with you that I just can't help myself.Forgive me, I'm going to 'free associate' for a moment