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Whoa!That's the first word that came to mind when I returned from 17 days away from the office and saw how many people registered for the Arbitrage Conspiracy over the holiday (and, BTW, happy new year!).Over 1,000 students enrolled.W H O A ! !(Before I say anything else about the Arbitrage Conspiracy and my experience with it thus far, stay with this e-mail because, at the end, I'm going to preview the guts of my long-awaited 2009 Webmaster Toolkit. Too much information for the first Monday of the new year? Sorry, I can't help it--I'm overflowing with tons of great

Before you take off for the holidays, check this out. Jenkins and the StomperNet crew are mailing out links to this video today.It's super-slick (as usual) but I don't know if these results are for real.People improving their profits like crazy in just minutes?Go watch and decide for yourself. Skeptical or not, it's pretty amazing. have a feeling this is going to be big, so check it out early.Mike

As you know, about two weeks ago I was privileged to attend a true Internet Marketing underground event. Not the kind that you can just pay your way into (well you could if you had $10,000.00 and were one of the first 10 in line), but a real "Invitation Only" Guru-style event.The guys on stage literally net between $50k and $100k a day. (Yes, I said “Net!”) Since the day I began online, I have never come across any other marketers (no matter how big their guru status) that are making that kind of money on any kind of consistent basis.And here's