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Search engine optimization (SEO) should NOT cause anyone any anxiety. I can tell you that, for YEARS, I was never really comfortable with SEO.  That is, until someone broke it down for me in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks (I swear, sometimes I feel like the SEO 'experts' make it sound more complicated than it needs to be just to make themselves sound more

Just a quick message -- I have to bolt for a train to NYC (heading to Search Engine Strategies - great conference). Why You Need To Be on Twitter First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the heartfelt messages following my mother's passing.  Facebook, Twitter and YOU are truly amazing.  (BTW, if you're not on Twitter or don't know if you need to be on Twitter, join Twitter NOW and follow me --I'll walk you through it.  As a social media tool, Twitter is awesome; as a business tool it's indispensible. How To Get a Quick Review by Cool Site of the

Affiliate Networks There are a bazillion affiliate networks from which to choose.  But how do you decide which affiliate network is right for you? Personally, I'm active with about 30 networks and/or merchants. Some may provide offers for me to promote that others don't.  Some may have an interface that I find easy to use.  Others may have affiliate managers that I respect and enjoy working with. This is my 'A' list of networks and/or merchants.  You could spend your entire life working with just these companies and make yourself a pretty penny. I'll be updating this list regularly so stay tuned