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Matty B asked: Does anyone have any facts or guidance on the SEO impact of using interstitial ads? They appear on a number of "big budget" sites like top-tier newspapers, magazines and video sites yet my guess is that Google and others would take a less favorable view of small sites using these ads. They are quite admittedly annoying, but can be profitable and beneficial in some situations. Does anyone have any first-hand experience working with these ads and the results (good, bad or non-existent) from the various search engines?seo

Those of you who have been following me for the past couple of years have noticed that I've been testing (read: struggling with) various blogging platforms.  First, I setup my blog using Google's blogger platform then, realizing that Wordpress is the shit, I ported everything over to Wordpress.  The only problem with Wordpress is that you've got to find the right Wordpress Theme and I was going through Themes like toilet paper (hey, there's a theme for 'ya). Anyway, I'm happy to report that I've found the ultimate Theme:  The Thesis Theme.  I can't tell you how much easier it is to not only

For the 6% of you on my mailing list who are as obsessed with PPC as I am, I open up my war chest to you: For all my PPC campaigns (either for affiliate marketing or Cool Site of the Day) I utilize several advanced keyword research, landing page optimization and PPC campaign creation tools.  The ESSENTIAL ones are

Could making money with Twitter be any easier than this? TweetBucks - This is a WAY cool idea-totally free to signup. In fact they deposit $5 into your account just for signing up: TweetBucks will be covered in my upcoming release Twitter or Die. Have a great weekend, Mike

Those of you who know me know that I credit most of my approach to online business management to Rich Schefren (remember the Internet Business Manifesto?). Rich is one of those guys who continually offers a HUGE PILE of GREAT free advice to Internet entrepreneurs and asks for nothing in return (heck, he knows a decent number of people will become high paying clients of his and, honestly, that's what keeps him going). Fact is, I have a separate inbox just for all the emails I receive from Rich and his company, Strategic Profits.  He's that valuable to me. Anyway, 2 years ago, Rich Schefren personally