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Today's Cool Site of the Day is a Kickstarter project for a 'cool' foot warmer, #Digitsole. You have probably suffered from cold feet, whether walking to work, skiing, hiking, or even riding a bike. Digitsole is the first connected insole on the market controlled via your smartphone - you can warm your feet AND track your distance and calories. I say, fund this! Bookmark this post to your health related 'top websites'. And see and vote for today's site here (on the day of this post) and give it a 'thumbs up' above

The daily utterances of a young man with Tourette Syndrome. Today's Cool Site of the Day, TicsRap, was submitted by a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome. The child agreed to let the parent create this blog on condition of anonymity. If you would like to learn more about Tourette Syndrome, visit the website of The National Tourette Syndrome Association.  The blogger claims that is for entertainment purposes only, and is not affiliated with NTSA or any other organization. See it and rate it now. If you're seeing this post after 1/20/14, you'll find the link in the Cool Site of the Day Archive.

In honor of my friend's wife, Julie, who passed away on 12/29/12, I am featuring the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. On this day, a memorial service is being held in Julie's name.   My friend asks the following: "Please give generously in Julie’s memory to the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research, so that our daughters and granddaughters can enjoy the long lives that they deserve."   Please do so.   Please visit today's site and rate it here on 1/9. After 1/9, find it in the Cool Site of the Day archive.   Mike  

As you know from my post last week about texting while driving, I'm a bit committed to making sure that NO ONE EVER texts while driving. Well, today's Cool Site of the Day is Rode Dog, an app that promises to prevent texting while driving. This app came about when an 11-year old, Victoria Walker, won a hackathon and was awarded $20,000 by AT&T to develop the app. Here's her story. The app is not yet available in the App Store but you should visit their home page anyway and put your name on the notification list. See it and rate it here on the day