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Flying down the mountain has never been so precise. Zeal Optics has combined blue tooth technology, GPS tracking and of course their backcountry knowledge to design the most useful goggles we've ever seen, and they're just getting started. With the Z3 goggle you can monitor your speed, altitude, air temperature and receive phone call and text notices from your Android phone though a small screen in the corner of the goggles. With the integrated GPS you can find yourself and your friends on the mountain, which is perfect when you inevitably separated on a run, especially on mountains with spotty cell service. But the Z3 is

Shoot panoramic video -  Dot™ is a stylish and durable lens attachment that snaps onto your iPhone 4 and lets you shoot 360° panoramic videos from the palm of your hand. As you watch the video, click and move your mouse. VERY cool. Visit the Kogeto website for more info. PLEASE RATE THIS SITE: If you’re seeing this on January 2, click the ‘See Today’s Site‘  link and give it a rating from 1-10. Mike

Today's Cool Site of the Day is Serial Thought there was no hope of recovering that lost cell phone? This site allows users to register a serial number that can be traced back to the owner for free. Users can also offer a reward to hopefully get folks looking. Go see it and rate it TODAY (If you're seeing this on a date later than the featured date, visit the Still Cool Archive)