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Just found this excellent post over at the Thesis Theme blog (Thesis Theme is the Wordpress theme that I use for Cool Site of the Day). For other tips on using Wordpress and finding your perfect theme, click on this Wordpress link. Enjoy this--Naomi did an awesome job (pay special attention to #4 -- her 'wireframe' layout; you'll see a lot of her ideas implemented on Cool Site of the Day shortly) Mike Getting real results from your website can be hard… Sure, you can hire a great designer, but remember, good design is subjective, whereas design that gets results is all in the numbers. What kind

Today's Cool Site of the Day is Fast Company's Masters of Design Meet and learn from 20 visionary men and women who are using design to create not just new products, but new ways of working, leading, and seeing. See it and rate it here (ONLY on the day featured.  Otherwise, click the thumbnail image of the website, or visit the Still Cool Archive)  -

Just came across this GORGEOUS video while researching some beautiful Wordpress themes at Don't know much about 'The Secret' but they sure know how to put together a nice promo video (footage from Planet Earth series on Discovery Channel?) Like it?  Please hit the Facebook 'Like' button above and check out the high def version of Planet Earth Forever at YouTube. Peace, Mike