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Design dude, paul elkins, develops mobile units and other small scale vehicles. His latest development is a mobile homeless shelter which he designed as part of a competition asking folks to meet the demands of the rapidly growing homeless society -- a kind of substitute for the grocery cart situation. Elkins wanted his design construction to be a simple, light weight, water tight insulated box on wheels, built with an area for displaying and selling handmade wares. Depending on who wins today's presidential election, these may see a spike in sales in the next 12-24 months ;) Rate it here on the day of this Post. Finally, have a cool site?

This free app will show you any doodle ever created (over 1,000) for Google homepages around the world. The app launched on Wednesday and is not affiliated with Google, but archives the more than 1,000 doodles featured worldwide over the years. You can filter the doodles based on year and country, read details about the doodle and add it to a favorites list. Rate it here on the day of this Post. Finally, have a cool site? Please submit it here. Mike  

Following Google's recent Panda and Penguin updates, Cool Site of the Day has seen its traffic drop by nearly 60%. A renewed emphasis on visitor participation and customization will, I hope, reverse the recent traffic decline. Plus, more and more, I'm posting links to the daily cool site throughout social media. I expect that an upcoming makeover by will have a dramatic positive improvement on overall user experience and site metrics. Next steps

I heard my cousin raving about the Aviary photo editing tool (for web and mobile) and it reminded me that I actually used to USE Aviary. It is very cool and useful if you have a website or blog. You can embed the Aviary editor in your web or mobile app with just a few lines of code. View the web demo.  

Just ordered a pair of ShowaFlops from my friends' new business--flip flops for a fungus-free and slip-free locker room experience. This is one of those products I was actually hoping someone would invent--I'm always slipping across the locker room (dirty) floor ☺ Perfect for public showers, gyms, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms