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How's that for a title?Well, I've got three things to share today and they're all sizzling ;)First, through the end of the year, I'm offering a deep discount on my one-on-one consultations and site analyses. Let's work together to make sure you start 2009 on sound footing. My 60-minute calls are designed to do three things:Improve traffic to your siteTurn your visitors into subscribers or customersMake sure you're adding the right content to your siteSecond, as you know, since my trip to Las Vegas last month, I have shifted my business almost entirely to pay per click advertising and lead generation.

They say never to post on Friday afternoons but this can't wait (if you don't have time now, be sure to devote a portion of your weekend to it). I just uploaded this video for you--check it out (you'll also find an audio link here to a 30-minute webcast I held yesterday devoted to Aymen (the '$100,000 A Day' man), pay per click advertising, and the course). A few moments ago I chatted with one of the guys putting the Arbitrage Conspiracy together and the news is staggering

My live webcast, Cool Talk begins in about one hour (1:30PM EST). I hope you'll join me because I'm going to discuss a few things I picked up at the ad-tech conference in New York on Tuesday (I sat down with some Google people and learned a few Adwords and Conversion Tracking tricks).Here are a few pointers:Make sure you choose Phrase Match or Exact Match when entering keywordsInclude single and plural variations of your keywordsWhen setting up a campaign, be sure to create Ad Variations (and highlight your competitive advantage)When you find a high-performing keyword, create a NEW campaign just for that