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Instead believes that, with the right opportunities, everyone can be a philanthropist. By partnering with key non-profits, instead provides a way to make small donations; usually in the amount of $3 and $5. These small donations make life changing, and sometimes life saving, differences to people in need. Think 'I'm not buying coffee today so some dude can provide clean water to his family for a day'. Vote for it here and give it a 'thumbs up' above. This site discovered by our friends at  

Well, after an absurdly long, unnecessary (media driven) presidential campaigning process where too many millions of dollars were spent, it's time this whole country starts demanding public funding of campaigns and a constitutional amendment to reverse the vile Supreme Court decision, Citizens United. Two things will happen: 1) politicians will have more time to govern because they will spend less time making ridiculous ads

As you know from my post last week about texting while driving, I'm a bit committed to making sure that NO ONE EVER texts while driving. Well, today's Cool Site of the Day is Rode Dog, an app that promises to prevent texting while driving. This app came about when an 11-year old, Victoria Walker, won a hackathon and was awarded $20,000 by AT&T to develop the app. Here's her story. The app is not yet available in the App Store but you should visit their home page anyway and put your name on the notification list. See it and rate it here on the day

This is the only piece of campaign reporting that you need to view. Forget all the media crap that is a part of this ludicrous campaign for the Presidency. Bill Clinton follows up his smash convention speech with some behind the scenes banter about how speeches are written and why facts matter.   And here's part 2