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I recently started buying websites to complement Cool Site of the Day (it’s incredible how many sites are available for purchase that can funnel VERY LOW COST traffic to Cool Site of the Day.  I’m sure your site can benefit as well).

Anyway, there are two domain search services that have become a part of my daily ritual: Flippa and DomainFace . is a good starting point but DomainFace is loaded with features that help you not only find perfect domains and websites but also assure that, if there’s an auction sale, you win the bidding.

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Mike Corso

Greetings! I'm an SEO Specialist at Gartner in Stamford CT and an original Web Viking. I've been running Cool Site of the Day since 1998 and continue to be amazed at what people publish. Have a cool site or app? Click on the 'submit your site' link at top.

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  • Luca Jun 18, 2011, 2:20 am

    or Sell Websites and Domain Names. Find websites for sale in the most
    active auction . WebSaleDomain : The Marketplace for Seller and Buyer.Welcome Voucher code :Code : AXYG1JN35TBonus : $5 Sign up for a account2. Click on the Credits link in the admin navigation bar at the top of the page3. Copy the code from here and then paste the code into the promotion code field4. Bid on any domain to get your $5 off the final price (which could mean it’s completely free)

  • kasser Jul 19, 2011, 8:16 am

    good info

    thank you very much

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