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“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert.” - Australian psychiatrist W. Béran Wolfe

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mike corso - seo - cool site I'm a web viking and digital marketing ninja (SEO, SEM, email, social media, landing page optimization, lead generation, etc. ) responsible for Cool Site of the Day, the Internet's oldest directory (launched in 1994).  I'm also Google Adwords Qualified and am one of only .5% with direct access to Google corporate. One of my goals with Cool Site of the Day is to shine a light on all the cool websites since the beginning of cyber time.

Cool Site of the Day has featured a unique site every day since August of 1994...nearly 9,000 sites!

As for my approach to Internet marketing and SEM, the following quote says it all:

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” (Pearson's Law found on Mark Joyner's Simpleology)

More background

In 1993, I was the first person to promote music on the Internet for the major record labels (via bulletin boards and primitive websites!). After 5 years working for the music industry, I bought Cool Site of the Day (1998).
I have been quoted in several online and offline publications including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and am usually available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Sometimes I find time to offer consulting services...

If you do decide to contact me for a consultation, know that we will FOCUS on keyword research and competitor analysis INTENSELY (believe me, it will save you hours/days/months/years of heartbreak). THEN, you will know if your idea has a shot; if not, I will likely redirect you towards a more lucrative path.

How I spend my free time

Other than my business life, I'm also: Hoping our paths cross one way or another, Mike Corso e-mail: mike AT facebook twitter | linkedin
"Mike Corso is incredible. Our heads hurt from the number of good ideas to track down after consulting with him for 30 minutes. Thanks, Mike!" -Jake,
“Thanks for your insight and site evaluation. We have moved from PR3 to PR5 on one of our main landing pages thanks to you. We are on our way up thanks to your professional evaluation and valuable input. We have not implemented all of your suggestions as we have a small staff here. Thanks Again!"  Bruce Richards
“Mike Corso will show you the proper way of doing things. There is no hidden agenda, just pure information and action. You must be sleeping at the wheel if you do not get on board with Mike and his 'Crazy Train'!!” -David A.
"Keep up the good work. You really have a winner of a site, and what a way to help new sites generate the traffic they need when they first launch."  -- John H.
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Building A Tattoo Business: From Portfolio To Administrative Action

Building A Tattoo Business: From Portfolio To Administrative ActionIf you’re trying to build a successful tattoo business today, you have to know how to do more than ink up someone’s arm. A tattoo shop is just like any other business in that it requires you to excel in marketing, sales, customer service, and a variety of other aspects of business. Specifically, you must understand how to develop and optimize your website for maximum exposure.

4 Website Optimization Tips

Website optimization is something many people dedicate their entire professional careers to, so it’s clearly not something you’re going to master in a few minutes. Having said that, there’s some low hanging fruit you can take advantage of as you build your tattoo shop and seek to elevate your brand.

1. Aim for Minimalism

One of the fundamental goals of modern website optimization is to remove as many distractions as possible so that visitors have a better chance of capitalizing on conversion goals.

Today’s best websites invest in minimalist designs and layouts with lots of negative space and simplistic icons and elements. Thankfully, it’s easy to make a tattoo website highly visual. While some textual content is fine (especially for SEO purposes), visual content should comprise the majority.

2. Perfect Your Portfolio

People are coming to your website because they want to see your work. Sure, there are some other reasons for visiting, but this is the primary focus. As such, your portfolio needs to be the focus of your website, not an afterthought.

As a tattoo artist, you’re probably familiar with physical portfolios, or photo books. It’s easy to design photo books online and place them in your storefront for clients to look at. But you have to understand that there are key differences between a photo book that clients view in a shop and a portfolio that’s found online.

Theoretically, an online portfolio has unlimited space. This means you should include as many angles as possible to showcase the details of individual tattoos. It’s also helpful to offer sorting features that allow visitors to filter based on the type of tattoos they’re interested in.

3. Integrate Social Proof

After viewing your work, the second thing visitors want to know is if you can be trusted. The number one way you can build trust on your website is to incorporate elements of social proof.

Social proof elements include things like reviews, testimonials, endorsements, statistics and data points, awards, recognitions, and online ratings. The more positive social proof you can provide, the more comfortable your audience will feel trusting you.

4. Collect Leads

Your website is great, but it’s not often that someone clicks on your site, sees your contact info, and immediately gets in touch to schedule an appointment. In most cases, there’s a significant delay between the time someone views your work online and makes a decision. If you aren’t present in this “in between” time, you’ll probably lose the sale to another tattoo artist.

In order to stay in touch with visitors after they leave your website, you need to find ways to collect leads. Opt-in forms are the preferred method. They allow you to collect names and email addresses for future contact.

Turn Your Website Into a High Converting Asset

If you want to be successful with your tattoo venture in today’s marketplace, local traffic isn’t enough. In order to drive serious business to your company and create a profitable brand, you need to build a national reputation. Your website will play a significant role in accomplishing this goal, so make sure you’re pouring enough energy and focus into it.

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