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Your Good Deed for Today: Help Beam Buy a Van

best of the web today - beam centerToday’s Cool Site of the Day is the Beam Center and their quest to get a new Van. So, what’s the Beam Center, you ask? Well, it’s a super groovy educational program that helps hundreds of students and teachers in NYC. The Center was started by a friend, Brian Cohen, who also created the incredible Beam Camp in 2005. As they put it:

Beam Center is a Brooklyn-based community of learning where artists guide young creators aged 6 to 18. Our hands-on programs in technology, imagination and craft help young people build their character, courage to think for themselves, and capacity for collaboration and invention.

The reason I’m featuring them today is because they are trying to win a big money prize from Mozilla’s Hive which will help them reach their goal of  $50,000 for the purchase of a new van. WE can help them win a $15,000 bonus from Mozilla simply by donating.

Here’s the appeal from Brian:

As we approach the end of Beam Center’s participation in the Mozilla Hive Fundraising Challenge, I want to thank you again for your cool site - beam campsupport. We are completely bowled over that you and over 125 individuals so far have found the time in your days and the cash in your wallets to help the Beam Center. Your assistance makes it possible for our hard-working staff and faculty to serve hundreds of students and teachers each week all over NYC.

Due to your generous donation, we have already won $4,000 in bonuses from Mozilla, but there’s one more hurdle left to clear. The Challenge ends at 11:59 am (a minute before noon) on Monday, November 3. The organization to raise the most money by then will get $15,000, the second $10,000 and the third $5,000.

We are currently in second place and trailing by a significant margin. Can we catch up? I think it would take a gargantuan effort. Something along the lines of, say, designing a Digital Fabrication Lab in a NYC public high school  for recent immigrant students (see video below).

You’ve already been so generous, but you can contribute to this effort one final way. Please forward this email (my note: share this post) to five friends and ask them to consider making a donation before noon on Monday to support Beam Center’s work.

We deeply appreciate your help.


Again, PLEASE make a donation today.

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