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Thanks to Google’s elimination of exact phrase matching and implementation of search personalization, SEO rules have changed. Websites can no longer compete against each other for first page rankings because results are no longer standardized. However, don’t toss out SEO just yet. Keyword optimization is still important, but Google relies on latent semantic indexing (LSI) more than individual keywords to determine the value of a page. LSI in a nutshell Rather than looking only for keywords and phrases, Google’s algorithm identifies whether the content is relevant to a user’s search by looking for phrases related to their search terms. When it comes to being found in

Too many entrepreneurs yo-yo back and forth between running their business and working a full-time job. They feel pressured to go “all in” because that’s what other entrepreneurs told them to do. However, they end up in survival mode, and their savings account gets drained to pay the bills. What if quitting your day job to focus on your business is bad advice? If you’ve given up your day job to pursue your business but find yourself struggling to survive, it’s not a sign of failure. Research is clear: It’s better to keep your day job while starting a new business. Research proves you should keep

We hear about the need for content marketing on a regular basis. You may have even committed some of your marketing budget to producing content that engages your audience. But depending on the industry you’re in, content marketing may be even more crucial than you realize. Three Industries Where Content Really is King You write a blog post here and there. You occasionally team up with other websites and write guest blog posts. Perhaps you’ve even tried your hand at visual content and gotten your creative team to design some infographics and memes. But when it comes down to brass tacks, do you truly accept that content

Thanks to the variety of resources and information online today, almost anyone can launch and grow an ecommerce business with very little experience. However, certain issues tend to trip up many inexperienced entrepreneurs when their ecommerce business starts to grow. One crucial issue is inventory management. Six Tips to Help You Along Managing inventory is easy when you’re selling only a few units a day. When you start to move hundreds or thousands of units per day, though, keeping on top of everything suddenly becomes a lot harder. Small issues can so easily blossom into major errors and the results can be serious. If you are

Content development is at the heart of business promotion and conversion, but it’s easy to hit a rut when you’re churning out ideas day after day. What can you do to increase creativity and push your team towards new ways of thinking? Your best option may be to get out of the office and go on a work retreat. Of course, not just any retreat will do – a ropes course isn’t going to help you develop content ideas – but there are high-value ways to get out from behind your desk. These 5 tips can help you make the most of your out

Most content marketers understand the importance of trying to evoke specific emotions or sentiments from their readers; eliciting reactions is the best way to keep your target demographics coming back for more, and if those reactions are strong enough, you’ll have a built-in feedback loop to let you know how you’re doing along the way. Many content marketers end up focusing on the practicality of their content, trying to be as useful or amusing as possible to their readers, while also focusing on overall likeability—but the real secret to a successful content campaign is surprise. Why Surprise Is Effective Surprise comes in a number of

In the business world, free is always best. If you can find a service that will bring your business more customers at no cost, you should take advantage of it. There are dozens of ways to spread the word about your business and services without spending a dime. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top resources and how you can leverage them. Try These 5 Free Sources Every brand is different – and the sources you choose will depend on your marketing strategy – but here are a few suggestions that should give you a pretty good starting point from which