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TwitterLit!"What is TwitterLit? It's a site that serves up literary teasers twice daily. At 5:00 AM and 5:00PM Eastern Time I post the first line of a book, without the author's name or book title, but with a link to Amazon so readers can see what book the line is from. Why? Because it's fun! The posts are also available for subscription via RSS, Twitter, and email. Literary teasers in your inbox or RSS reader, on your Google home page, on the web, in your Twitter reader, or by mobile phone. Curiously addictive."Check it out at: Cool Site of the Day!Just in time for your holiday shopping, a site with great deals and a lot of fun attitude. Good for Practical Tuesdays! "What is Yugster? Yugster is a website. Yugster sells stuff. Yugster sells stuff at Yugly prices. What are Yugly prices? Picture a car accident. You don't want to look but you are just drawn to it. That is what Yugly prices are. They are just so low you can't look

Divided We Fail!"Partisan gridlock in Washington has been tolerated for far too long. While our leaders bicker and quarrel, too many Americans are left to worry about health care, financial security and their children's future. We believe it's time we put an end to it. It's time we came together to demand action and answers. That's why we urge you to join Divided We Fail, a national effort to raise the voices of millions of Americans who believe that health care and financial security are the most pressing domestic issues facing our nation. If you believe we should end the gridlock in Washington!Sometimes the site's own description says it all (and more): " is a place where you can share the best, the free and things you want to know is the best, if you know something that is best post it here, if you are looking for something best just post it here and others will tell you what is the best."Check it out at: Visit Cool Site of the Day