Are you kidding?!

I’m a bit frustrated on this Friday. On my recommendation, over 900 of you have visited the StomperNet site over the past several days but only 100 of you have gone on to watch their free webinars (or, as I like to refer to them: stompinars)!

I’m shocked at the above because, for instance, last night Dan Hollings hit it out of the park with his free stompinar on Twitter. Plus the other FREE webinars held earlier in the week (covering SEO, Keyword Research, Article Marketing, and more) are available to you ….FOR ZERO DOLLARS!! Don’t miss this opportunity…the videos come down after Saturday.

Just scroll down the left side until you see: “Past Webinars in this Series”. Watch, learn, and grow your online business starting TODAY*.

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Mike Corso

P.S. BTW, StomperNet has a big announcement tomorrow. (Hint: Saturday is the 3rd Birthday of StomperNet.) In the meantime, whatever “it” is, you’re guaranteed to take advantage of it if you join StomperNet now.

* If you join StomperNet TODAY (10/2/09), I will give you a 60-minute, one-on-one web design and online marketing consultation at NO COST at a time of your choosing (value: $297). Just send me the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive after you join.

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