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5 Things You Should Know About Building a GoDaddy Website

5 Things You Should Know About Building a GoDaddy WebsiteGoDaddy is a website builder made popular through its risky media strategies and excellent branding. It can be a great builder for your custom website, but, like any complex website platform, you want to make sure you understand it.

1. Choose Your Plan

GoDaddy offers a variety of DIY website building plans at varying price points. The four most basic plans include Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store. The GoDaddy pricing structure is fair and well-reasoned, so when you pay for more support and services, the price will naturally increase.

The Personal plan is the most basic, and it includes website hosting, 24/7 support, responsive mobile design, and rapid page-loading performance. It’s great for those who want a small blog to publish and share thoughts with family and friends, but those in the blog or small retail space will need a plan that’s better structured to their needs, such as the Business plan.

The Business Plus and Online plans are the most expensive, but you get more features, including increased support, email marketing, social media integrations, inventory management, client management tools, built-in pay features, and much more. Factor in the extra cost if you have a larger platform because the Personal and Business plans won’t cut it for you.

2. Choosing a Domain Name

Many find that using GoDaddy to build their website is simpler because they can purchase their domain name in the same place. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name register with more than 60 million domain names to choose from. It’s simple to research and then purchase the domain of your choice (if available).

While you’re at it, consider purchasing domain names that are similar to your own. That way, if someone spells your domain wrong, it can be set up to automatically redirect to your site. It will also prevent others from piggybacking on your brand by choosing a similar domain name.

3. The GoDaddy Reputation

GoDaddy had a slightly stained reputation after using half-naked women and risqué context to promote their services. It also had technological glitches that left much to be desired at the start.

However, GoDaddy has since undergone new management, and a lot of things have changed over the last few years. The sexist advertising is gone, and they’ve done a serious overhaul on their technology to keep things running smoothly.

As a result, they’re rapidly gaining steam and delivering excellent service in both domain names and website services. You’ll still find those who don’t prefer GoDaddy compared to some of the other website building services, but that’s their prerogative. You can run demos and work with GoDaddy customer service to see if it meets your tastes. However, you can rest assured their reputation as a sketchy website service has all but vanished.

4. Build from Scratch or Use Website Tonight

You have two options when building a website on GoDaddy: DIY programming or Website Tonight. If you build your own website from scratch, you can use an external website builder like Adobe Dreamweaver or Apple’s iWeb. You’ll want a thorough understanding of programming and website development if that’s the case. You’ll also have to set up an FTP account with a username and password to manage file uploads and content.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs use Website Tonight, which is the built-in tool GoDaddy offers for building websites. You don’t need knowledge of CSS or HTML web programming. For a monthly fee, that depends on the size and services you want, you can insert your own theme and drag and drop photos and content.

It’s as simple as that, and the easy-to-use interface of Website Tonight is what many people love about GoDaddy. The final product is visually-friendly, and you get everything you need in a functional website.

5. Use the Community

Most GoDaddy plans come with 24/7 support including live chat or phone, but there’s also a useful collection of community resources. They have a library of tutorials for you to watch or read to learn how to accomplish basic tasks and troubleshooting. These are presented by both GoDaddy personnel as well as other GoDaddy website builders, so you get a mix of perspectives.

There’s also a community forum where you can ask and answer questions. It’s a great way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and/or web designers while finding answers to specific questions.

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