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July 2017

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Most content marketers understand the importance of trying to evoke specific emotions or sentiments from their readers; eliciting reactions is the best way to keep your target demographics coming back for more, and if those reactions are strong enough, you’ll have a built-in feedback loop to let you know how you’re doing along the way. Many content marketers end up focusing on the practicality of their content, trying to be as useful or amusing as possible to their readers, while also focusing on overall likeability—but the real secret to a successful content campaign is surprise. Why Surprise Is Effective Surprise comes in a number of

In the business world, free is always best. If you can find a service that will bring your business more customers at no cost, you should take advantage of it. There are dozens of ways to spread the word about your business and services without spending a dime. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top resources and how you can leverage them. Try These 5 Free Sources Every brand is different – and the sources you choose will depend on your marketing strategy – but here are a few suggestions that should give you a pretty good starting point from which

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often referred to as a standalone marketing strategy, but the reality is that it comprises multiple interdependent strategies. Some people spend most of their time working on the content on individual pages of their site (the onsite content), while others invest all their resources into ongoing blogging, and still others focus primarily on building inbound links. Any search optimizer worth their salt will spend some attention on all three of these dimensions, but is one any better than the others? Specifically, just how important is onsite content for SEO? The Role of Onsite Content Some webmasters treat onsite content as a

If you’re a remote worker affiliated with a larger content development team, it can be a real challenge to coordinate your group around big projects. Workers may be in different time zones, may keep unconventional operating hours, or may not always have a private workspace for holding video conferences. Under such circumstances, trying to hold a meeting is like plotting a military campaign. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Remote teams can collaborate with ease if given the right tools to make it happen. From multi-function messaging software to online brainstorming tools, these 3 approaches can improve your working relationships, speed up

There are two major purposes of a blog. The first is to connect with readers and enhance your online branding efforts. The second is to give your website an SEO boost and organically drive traffic to important conversion pages. However, if you’re producing poor blog posts, you’re missing out on these benefits. 3 Tips for SEO-Friendly Blogging Hampers With Bite is an Australian-based company that sells gourmet gift baskets to customers worldwide. From thank-you gifts to anniversary gifts, they do it all. But trying to remain competitive in such a highly saturated niche can be a challenge, which is why Hampers With Bite recently launched