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September 2012

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Today's Cool Site of the Day (IFTTT) is FUN and USEFUL. I setup 6 'recipes' as soon as I heard about this site. For instance: "IF I 'star' and item in my news reader THEN add it to my Evernote account". You may have no clue what I just said but, trust me, kick the tires on this one

Following Google's recent Panda and Penguin updates, Cool Site of the Day has seen its traffic drop by nearly 60%. A renewed emphasis on visitor participation and customization will, I hope, reverse the recent traffic decline. Plus, more and more, I'm posting links to the daily cool site throughout social media. I expect that an upcoming makeover by will have a dramatic positive improvement on overall user experience and site metrics. Next steps

This is the only piece of campaign reporting that you need to view. Forget all the media crap that is a part of this ludicrous campaign for the Presidency. Bill Clinton follows up his smash convention speech with some behind the scenes banter about how speeches are written and why facts matter.   And here's part 2